We all have that one friend! The one that it doesn't matter what time you agree to meet, this one friend is ALWAYS late.

Maybe you are that friend! If you are here are some ways to help you not be the one everyone is waiting on.

When you are trying to figure out what time you need to leave to get somewhere always round up. This way you give yourself some time to work with. So if you think it will take you ten minutes to get to the restaurant make sure you leave twenty minutes before you have to be there. That way YOU are not the one late.

You need to learn some patience and learn to be OK with waiting for once. Those that are NEVER late end up waiting a lot on you. Now return the favor. Be OK with getting to a destination early and sitting in your car a bit. Your friends sure have done that for you. Grab a book, magazine for just spend that time checking your email!

You need to really think about how long it takes you to get ready. Maybe even time yourself. If you are always late maybe you are just not giving yourself enough time. Tomorrow as you are getting ready go ahead and grab your phone and time yourself. Oh and then adjust accordingly.

Buy yourself a clock. One that you will see as you are getting ready. This way you know exactly how much time you have before you have to leave.

The most important thing is to stop making excuses! Your friends see through it. You may think you are busy but guess what? They are too. You just need to make being on time a priority. Like they do. Once you do it will be much easier for you to be on time!

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