We are getting closer to being a month into our 2020 New Year's Resolutions. How are you still doing? Are you kicking butt in the New Year or have you hit some rough patches.

Here is the thing. You may slip from time to time but there is no reason that you can't get right back up and start over. It took time for you to gain the weight you may be trying to lose. You can not expect to lose it all overnight.

With that being said I know making it to the gym is part of the equation and sometimes it can be one of the first things we skip out of when our life gets crazy. We also know that when we start something new, like going to the gym, the more we do it the more it becomes a habit.

This is the type of habit we want to keep up. Whether we go to the gym or workout at home we may dread doing it, but we always feel better when we finish up. So it seems like we really shouldn't have any excuses for skipping but boy do we.

In a recent survey here are some of our most used "excuses" for skipping a workout. Have you ever used any?

  • I'm too tired. (This is the number one excuse but is the poorest one to use. We get energy from working out. So NEVER use this one.)
  • I've got other stuff to do. (What other stuff could be more important than your well being?)
  • I just don't want to go. (Well at least you are being honest)
  • I stayed too late at work. (This one may be true but you can get a good workout in less than 30 minutes)
  • I just want to get home (Fine then workout at home)
  • I can't exercise right now because I ate too much. (This is the exact reason you need to workout)
  • I feel dehydrated. (OK grab a bottle or two of water and go)
  • I didn't eat enough to workout. (OK then grab a protein bar and go)

Have you ever used any of these excuses? A time or two may be OK and then get back to the gym.....don't let excuses keep you from the healthy life you want.

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