What does South Padre Island have to do with Amarillo, Texas?

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Nothing except a piece of South Padre Island is coming to Amarillo.

When you think of the beach, you definitely don't think of Amarillo.  I mean seriously we are in the middle of the Texas Plains, with no saltwater, no beach.  However, a restaurant in Amarillo has made it feel like a piece of the beach lives here.

LandShark Burgers is a beachfront restaurant right here in Amarillo.  Or at least it feels like you're at the beach.  Now you'll be able to feel closer to the beach.  A wave is about to wash over Amarillo.

A big giant wave all the way from South Padre Island.  Now don't worry, we aren't expecting a giant tsunami that takes out Texas.  A piece of history is however coming to Amarillo.

Photo Courtesy: LandShark Burgers
Photo Courtesy: LandShark Burgers

If you ever traveled to South Padre Island you have probably seen the wave, and you may even have pictures in front or inside of the wave.

According to the Owners of LandShark:

The Wave was built in the late 1990s for taking pictures of Land Surfers with a Polaroid Camera for great memories on South Padre Island, Texas during Spring Break at Tequilla Frogs. (Tequila Frog’s is now rebuilt and called Longboards)
After a decade there the Wave was passed on from the Island in 2001 and was then painted by World Famous Texas Artist Miguel and kept at his Art Gallery in Los Fresnos, Texas.

Then in 2009 Miguel put the Wave at “Beachlife,” a little Texas Art Gallery Surf Shop and Fruit Stand off of Highway 100 on the road to South Padre Island. Miguel has now repainted the Wave and brought it back to life again to pass the Wave on to its new owners at LandShark Burgers in Amarillo, Texas. Over three decades, tens of thousands of pictures have been taken from people all over the world.

Now it is making it's on its way to Amarillo.  Its new home will be at LandSharks Burgers on FM 1151.  The hope is thousands of more pictures will be taken right here in Amarillo with the wave.

Photo Courtesy: LandShark Burgers
Photo Courtesy: LandShark Burgers

The owners are hoping to be back in town with the giant wave later today or tomorrow and hope to have the wave set by Wednesday.  So if you've wanted to hang 10 or catch a barrel wave, you'll now be able to pretend to surf in Amarillo.

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Oh, and when you're checking out the wave, make sure you grab a burger!

Keep the wave alive!

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