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Gas Prices Could Start Falling By the End of Summer
Am I dreaming?  Could this be true?  Cheaper gas prices could be coming by the end of the summer.  Can I get a big WOO HOO!  I don't know about you but every time I have to put gas in my car I cringe.  It hurts the pocket book.  I couldn't tell you the last time I filled the take on my car all the w…
Four Cars that Cost $100 or More to Fill Up
We all know that gas prices are insanely high right now and the prices are still on the rise.   Do you cringe every time you go to the gas pump?  The average gas price nationwide is now $3.80.  And at that level, there are actually four cars that will cost you more than $100 t…
Gas Prices, They Are Rising.
Driving to work each day I cringe when I drive by the convience stores.  I cringe because of those numbers on their signs, $3.69, $3.79, $3.89 and soon it looks as if $4.00 will be on those signs.  Gas prices are rising and have risen to $4 and up in six states.