More Snow Than Usual For Amarillo This Season
We can always use the moisture. No matter what the form of it is. I would prefer the rain over the snow. That is because here in Amarillo it is hardly ever just snow. We usually have the killer winds to go with it. Oh and more often than not we have the ice as well.
806 Health: The Ways That Winter Can Injure You
So far we have had a very weird winter. We have had a bit of snow early on. The rest has been hit or miss. Don't let that fool you or even jinx us. We still have a good two months until we hit spring and even that doesn't guarantee we won't have winter here in the Texas Panhandle..
Next Round Of Winter Weather This Weekend
As if this week has not already been one for the books. A book that we all just want to go ahead and return, throw in the garbage, or even burn. I am not a book burner but that is how this week has been.
806 Health: That Snow Shoveling Can Be Dangerous
This has been a year already with a good amount of snow. I can't imagine we have seen the last of it for the season. So I guess I never really thought of shoveling being dangerous. I mean it makes sense. I really am not a fan of shoveling if I can find a way to get someone else to d…

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