When I moved here months ago, we noticed that unlike Austin, there were four definable seasons in Amarillo.

Funny thing is, we're still waiting to see winter.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm not much of a cold weather kind of person so I'm fine with the middling temps. My youngest son doesn't agree with me though.

"You said when we move to Amarillo, we'd get snow. We haven't had any yet" was uttered around Christmas time. I know, we've had a little bit of snow since then and both my boys took full advantage of it.

However, we haven't seen any since. Snow is synonymous with winter along with cold temps. We've had cold temps a few times this winter, but overall it's still kind of felt like fall.

I mean, just look at the upcoming forecast from abc7amarillo.com

abc7amarillo.com Screenshot
abc7amarillo.com Screenshot

There's a few lower temps predicted, namely Thursday. Outside of that? 50's and 60's...in January.

So I did a little digging, and went to the good ol Farmers Almanac to see what they had predicted for the area. What I found was, winter isn't coming.

For the Texas-Oklahoma area, the average temp in January is supposed to hover around 45 degrees. Not quite fall, but certainly not winter temps right?

Baseball practice is starting for the kids, so I figured I'd go deeper and look into February. I mean, I need to know how to tell the team to dress for practice right?

Farmers Almanac tells us February should be filled with plenty of mild days and not a whole lot of precipitation. An average temp of 53 degrees is predicted, that's a bit warmer than average.

Now I'm not saying all this will hold true, and again, I'm not complaining about warmer temps. Is this just what winter is this year, or every year?

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