All good things must come to an end. That is what we always hear. We can't expect a free ride in life. There are so many different sayings I can throw in here. They will all cover what is about to happen.

Since the price of gas has risen over the past several months it has really put a hit on our wallets. What may have cost you around thirty-five dollars to fill up your tank started to run you near seventy.

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Nobody was prepared to take that kind of hit. Then everything seemed to go up in price as stores and restaurants had to find a way to save them from paying the extra price in shipping. It all goes back to the gas prices.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

City Transit Has Some Changes on the Way

So one way that the City of Amarillo stepped in to help was by giving us an alternative. You need to get to work but can't afford the gas? That was a common problem. Well, you can take the bus. Yes, they started offering city transit for free.

That helped out many of families that took advantage of it. This is a post from earlier this year from the City of Amarillo.

Now it seems that the free ride is about to be over. Signs have been posted on the buses to let us know that starting October first you will be expected to pay once again. I have reached out to the city for confirmation on this but haven't heard back. I will update.

credit: Mel
credit: Mel

So far no word if the fares will go up. Previously it would cost you two dollars for a day pass or a dollar for a one-way pass. Still much cheaper than the cost of gas.

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