In October of last year, the announcement was made that it would be the final season at Tascosa Drive-In. After 25 years, the screen would go dark for good at the last drive-in movie theater in Amarillo, Texas. After that, their social media went pretty silent. Yesterday, that changed.

Tascosa Drive-In Theater Teases Big Announcement Coming Soon

Yesterday, Tascosa Drive-In took to Facebook to tease a big announcement that is coming soon. They included a gif of Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering his iconic "I'll be back" line. Earlier today, they changed their profile picture to the words "Coming Soon".

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Immediately people started speculating on what the big news could be. Obviously, something is going on at Tascosa Drive-In. What that is remains to be seen. Will the drive-in be hosting a marathon or some kind of special event? Is the drive-in coming back for good? One can only hope. Did someone finally purchase the drive-in? Only time will tell.

This Is Potentially Great News For Amarillo!

I would love to say it is absolutely great news for Amarillo, but I'm not sure what the news even is. It's exciting that some kind of news is coming. It's been a while since the auction that was supposed to take place was canceled. Even at that point, a lot of us got our hopes up that we would see the drive-in make a comeback.

I'm a big fan of the drive-in. I've always enjoyed going, especially when it comes to horror movie marathons. It's the kind of experience you can't get anywhere else. Fingers crossed we get the news we're all hoping for. It would be nice to see the last drive-in in Amarillo make a comeback.

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