I'm a Texan, I have always been a Texan and I love being a Texan.  Texas is the only place I would want to raise my family.  I do take some offense to a recent survey stating Texas isn't one of the best places to raise a family.

Wallet Hub put out a list of the best states to raise a family and Texas our Texas is marked as the 30th best state to raise a family.  To determine the best and worst states, Wallet Hub looked at 5 key dimensions Family Fun, Health and Safety, Education and Child Care, Affordability and Socio-economics.

Source: WalletHub

Really?  Why so low?

According to this survey Texas came in at number 30.   The highest rank we received was for Family Fun and we were ranked 5 out 50.  We are awesome when it comes to family fun.  When you think about having fun you think Texas.  Six Flags, Sea World, Texas Rangers, and the Cowboys to name a few.  Most of our cities have our own fun, Amarillo has Wonderland, The Big Texas, and Palo Duro Canyon.

But on the other key dimensions we scored low.   Health and Safety we scored 47 (out of 50), education and child care we scored 30, affordability we scored 44, and socio-economics we scored 44.

I don't know about you but I think Texas is pretty great.  Texas is huge so of course we are going to rank lower on health and safety, we do have a large number of people who are uninsured.  We have drama in our education system but so do so many other states.

If We Are Ranked so Low as a Place to Raise a Family, then Why are So many People Moving Here?

A lot of large companies are moving to Texas and along with those companies, families are moving with them for jobs.  Compared to California, Texas is super affordable, housing in Texas is cheaper than New York and the Northeastern States.  I know my home would go for over a million dollars in California or New York.    People are coming here because it's a great place to live and a cheaper place to live.  Let's face it, an awesome place to live.

Who Ranked #1 on this List

Massachusetts was number one on the list.  Well first of all I wouldn't want to live in Mass.  It's out of my comfort zone, it's cold and I guarantee that it isn't any where near as friendly as Texas.

Who Ranked Last on the List?

Mississippi came in last with New Mexico and Oklahoma right behind.

I think with any study you can find certain things that make your state look bad, however, being from Texas, it's a great place to live, work and raise a family.  I think it should be ranked in the top 5 and not at 30.

I may be a little biased when it comes to Texas.  I call bull on this survey.

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