A great way to spend the morning or even create a bonding moment is to go fishing!  Well, National Boating and Fishing Week celebrates that by giving you a free fishing day.

Usually the first full week of June is National Boating and Fishing Week.  This week, if falls between June 6th - 14th.  This week is suppose to show the importance of recreational boating and fishing.  These things are said to enhancing people's quality of life and help preserve the country's natural beauty.

Every year, each state designates a day to allow all residents to fish whether they have a license or not.  This is perfect because it will allow non experienced fishers and beginners to go out and try to fish.

And if you already have a fishing license, consider taking a friend or family member who has never been fishing out on the water for the day.

Texas is having their FREE fishing day on June 6th!  If you are traveling, you can get a complete list of the different state's free fishing day here.