CPR is a very important thing to know because you never know when you might have to save someone's life.  This above PSA let us know that Disco can save a life, Call 911, pump hard and fast to the beat of Stayin' Alive, and you can save a life.

The American Heart Association teamed up with Ken Jeong, best known for The Hangover movies and  the doctor in Knocked Up, for this PSA.

It's quite funny for such a series subject, but hey the next time you're in the situation where you have to perform CPR,  you'll have a good idea on what your doing.

This video isn't a substitute for a CPR class, it is still recommended that you take a class ever few years. You can find local classes here or here.

Fun Fact about Ken Jeong, he has a medical degree from University of North Carolina and he was a doctor before becoming an actor.