I saw this story and internally flipped out a little. Is graduation season really just right around the corner? Yep... sure is!

Spring Break is over and it's about this time of the year that my high school self would start to "check out". I remember being all-to-well aware that it would be only just a few weeks until we could run out the door of school for the last time. And I remember that for our parents, it was a time for them to find ways to show off their kid's accomplishments.

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For most of us, that meant we'd have an ad in the yearbook. However, I didn't have those type of parents and those ads cost a good chunk of change back then, and I'm sure it still does now. But it made for fun times when everyone got to see your baby pics or other moments in life that you may have not have been too proud of, immortalized forever in a yearbook.

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Interestingly, the City of Amarillo wants to take this concept up a notch. They are teaming up with the folks at SkyRite to make special graduation banners priced to sell for around $100. These graduation banners will display a photo, name, and school of graduating seniors and will be displayed in downtown's Center City.

According to Beth Duke, the Executive Director for Center City, “We know the COVID-19 crisis has changed the senior year experience for every graduate. This is one unique way that families can honor their senior and [we can] raise funds for our downtown projects.”

This is actually a pretty cool deal because it gives your graduating senior a little bit of recognition for their hard work. And plus, you get to take the banner home after they come down in July. The banners are not only a good way to commemorate the 2021 graduates, the undertaking will also serve as a fundraiser that will benefit Center City, the community group that is the driving force behind downtown Amarillo's development.

Anyone who is interested in one of these giant celebratory banners to honor a graduating senior can call Center City at (806) 372-6744. Be sure to get the order in sooner rather than later...there's only so many light poles downtown.

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