Every day you hear of another robbery, shooting, or murder here in Amarillo.  It's easy to say, "What's happened to our city?"  However, it seems our crime rate has dropped.

According to new reports from the Department of Justice and the FBI.  Crime in Amarillo dropped in 2017.

It went up in certain crimes, but over all the crime rate has dropped

2017     2016

Homicide              15         11

Rape                    183        162

Robbery               237        260

Agg Assualt         1228      981

Burglary               1658     1797

Larceny Theft       6149    6756

Stolen Vehicles     979    919

Arson                    46       32

Although the overall crime rate has decreased by 3.9%, we have to note that violent crime in Amarillo has risen.  That right there is very scary for our city.

These are just the preliminary numbers, the full numbers will be released later this year.

For the full report click here.


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