Pinterest recently updated their site to give uses the opportunity to send pins to their friends.  It is quite clever and well for me and some of my friends it has become quite the form of communication.

For instance, I have a friend who doesn't live in Amarillo.  We have a habit of texting daily but it's just checking on your texts.  Then that's when life gets fun.  Last night I went to bed no big deal.  When I woke up this morning, and checked my phone, I had over 20 Pinterest notifications waiting on me.


Now when it comes to the pins we send they are usually funny pins.  She'll send me pins late at night and sometimes I'll try to inundate her during the day.  It has become the battle of the pins.

So that's my pin story, but the send feature is quite useful.

Say you are on Pinterest and you find a great recipe, it is something you probably won't ever cook but you know some one it would be perfect for, just hit the paper plane icon, choose their name and poof it is sent to them.

So good job Pinterest, good job.  You send buttons have helped in my mornings starting with humor.

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