Okay... this is seriously awesome! I have lived in Amarillo my whole life and NEVER knew about this!

There has been a fun trend sweeping the internet where extremely creative people make a fun underground game or scavenger hunt for places like amusement parks, zoos, parks est. so that people can have a fun adventure even while waiting in line and guess what!? Amarillo has not been left out.

Thanks to QuestAdventures on Etsy you can join in on the fun. According to their description here is how it works:

A GREAT opportunity to create a one of a kind family memory!

Heading to Wonderland Park (Amarillo, TX) and looking for a way to make it even more fun for you, your family and friends? Look no further! Spies, the Holy Grail, ghosts and Egyptian temples await…

The Great Adventure Challenge at Wonderland Park was designed by a professional treasure hunt adventure designer and is perfect for your next visit to the park. There is NOTHING to set up! ALL the materials arrive via US postal service in a fun wrapped package (exact wrapping varies.) You’ll receive two envelopes - one small and one large. Open the small one first once you’re inside the park and YOU’RE OFF! Because you don’t have to spend countless hours creating it, YOU get to enjoy it WITH your family and friends!
In simplest terms, it’s an elaborate scavenger hunt mixed with a treasure hunt…on steroids. You begin with a list that contains 30 unique and creative tasks to complete during your stay at Wonderland Park. Some of them you might find complex. Each completed task will earn you points and at the end of your stay, you’ll have the chance to add up your points to see how your team ranked according to our overall rankings chart. The Great Adventure Challenge List is on specially antiqued paper, in a process that has taken 20 years to perfect (see About the Designer below for more details.)


I seriously can not wait for Wonderland to open in 2019! This is like a secret menu item for fun!

If you have played before we would love to hear your story! Leave a comment and let us know.

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