I work in a world where I am always "plugged in" computer is up, social media is always up, stories and weird news are always at my finger tips at a moments notice.  However, it amazes me daily on what I see and hear.  My question always goes back to, "Has the world gone completely insane?"  I asked myself that question after coming across this story.

What could possibly go through a person's mind to do something as insane as cutting off your own arms. Was this person on drugs? The only other person I saw do something like this was Helen Hunt on an after school special. She did PCP jumped through a window and started slicing herself open with glass shards. Did this person have constant pain? Was this person just simply crazy? Was this person possessed? The questions remain.

CBS Los Angeles
CBS Los Angeles

Truthfully, when I see stories like this, I fear for mankind. The movie "Idiocracy" comes to mind.

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