Well this certainly isn't the best news we could hope for in 2022. With everything else that's going on, we now have yet another epidemic to be watchful of. This time, you may need to adjust your...recreational (for some of us) activities.

According to the experts, we're in a situation where STDs are getting "out of control."

Apparently It Isn't Just Monkeypox That's Spreading

According to recent reports, there is a concerning uptick in the number of cases regarding syphilis and gonorrhea. The exact phrasing that was used is "out of control."

They're saying that we're seeing an all-time-high number of cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia in the U.S. The theories given for why are that people aren't using protection as much, testing slowed during the pandemic, and Monkeypox.

What Does That Mean For Texas?

Has this outbreak reached Texas? Not as bad as other places, though Texas has seen its own uptick in cases. In fact, there are some reports that show an increase in cases starting in 2021.

We're not, however, as bad off as several other places. While different sources have different ways of measuring cases and determining which states are experiencing the most, I have yet to see one that lists Texas near the top.

We don't even make the top ten in most studies. Way to go, Lone Star State.

Also, most of the information that has been published is based off of data gathered from years past.

The one common thread throughout is that there is a drastic increase in STD cases in the nation.

The easiest way to combat all of this (beyond celibacy)? Use protection and get tested. It's pretty simple. Or, you could always just practice abstinence.

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