Texas is a great state to live in, so great people are flocking to move here.

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For anyone that lives in Texas, it's known that Texas is the greatest state in the U.S.  We love our state, we love our cities, and we love being Texan.

When it comes to living here, we also know we have a very unique way of life.  It's a great mixture of culture and businesses.  From ranching to factories, tech to farming, fishing to rodeo, Texas has got it all.

We love our state, and it seems more and more people are moving into our state.  Why would people want to move here?  It's a great place to run a business.

According to a new study by Hire A Helper, Texas is the 2nd most moved to state.

  • 17% of Americans that moved went to a different state, the highest percentage since 2015

  • In absolute terms, Florida (5.8%), Texas (4.8%), and California (3.2%) saw the greatest share of all moves that took place in 2021

  • New Jersey (-54%) and California (-49%) had the highest ratio of people leaving versus moving in

  • The Great Resignation also revealed itself in the study as 19% of Americans who moved in 2021 blame the pandemic for making them reassess their priorities and quit their job.

Again we are a great state to live in, and when it comes to businesses moving into Texas, a ton of California businesses relocated to Texas. Businesses such as Oracle and Hewlett-Packard. Heck, Elon Musk has even built a factory here.

It seems the lower cost of living and tax rates have made Texas look great for businesses.

I agree, Texas is a great place to live, I just hope that as more people move into the state, we keep the things that make Texas great!

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