Let's pretend that you have some major life event happening, or that you're lucky enough to have someone in your life that you want to share something with forever. At the same time, the thought of getting a tattoo to signify the eternal importance of whatever it is your celebrating makes you nervous.

Say hello to permanent jewelry, and yes you can get right here in Amarillo.

A Welder's Dream Side Hustle

Permanent jewelry recently came across my radar thanks to some people I know who decided to go do the deed to celebrate a birthday. When they mentioned getting permanent jewelry, I imagined some kind of implant or semi-unconformable procedure.

Stones and Findings via YouTube
Stones and Findings via YouTube

The truth isn't quite as "exciting" as blood and needles. However, this next part will catch the attention of blue collar workers.

They're welded. That's how they go from jewelry to permanent jewelry.

A Quick Zap, And You've Got Bling For Life...Is Bling Still A Word?

It's a fairly simple process. You pick out the chain you want, and then the person who sold you the jewelry zaps it closed with a small welder (one source I found suggests using an arc-welder, so don't get too excited).

So, while they are technically welded on, it's not like there's a massive torch melting these things shut for you to wear for all eternity.

What If You Decide That You Don't Like That Person Anymore?

Simple. Continuing down this unintended rabbit hole I discovered that you can actually remove these things.

The method is so simple that even a toddler could do it.

All you need to do is grab a pair of scissors, snip, and be free. It's that simple.

Where Can You Get Permanent Jewelry In Amarillo?

There are actually a few different businesses in town that go around doing this. They set up shop in other businesses, do private parties, show up at events; they're everywhere.

Here's a few I came across:

Another interesting aspect of all of this, which I was not expecting to find so interesting but I do, is that it's more than just bracelets. Bracelets, of course, are what I think most people are familiar with. I've seen advertisements for necklaces, anklets, and even rings.

Also, it's not just for the ladies. Apparently, this is catching on among fans of male fashion as well.

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