We really need to lighten up a bit. We need to enjoy the funny things we see here in Amarillo. If you just drive around town you will see many things that you can only see in Amarillo.

You know stuff you can’t see just anywhere. The fact that we are told our state bird should be the orange traffic cone. I mean it should be....right? Where else can you go and see Cadillac's buried in the ground. I mean that is not normal, right?

The fact that we can drive down I40 at any given time and see horses and riders in the drive thru at Dairy Queen on Washington. That is something else that is unusual here in our great city.

Just the things that scream Amarillo. How about us knowing we are heading in the right direction of home by seeing billboards for that Free 72 Oz Steak *if eaten in an hour....from the Big Texan. That is another thing that is Amarillo.

These are things you just can’t see anywhere. I say that because this post I saw over the weekend just screams that exact sentiment.

credit: Potter County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
credit: Potter County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

We have some of the greatest people here in Amarillo. We stop and help others in need. We see people rally to help those in need. Someone is missing them I just know it.

I know we want to get these cuties home. Right? It’s just awesome that Potter County cared enough to share it on their Facebook page. It surely made my day!

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