In true fashion to the statement this is why we can't have anything nice. The pool in Thompson Park that just had a ribbon cutting over the weekend has already had people try to ruin it for us.

I mean come on Amarillo we can surely do better than this. I know it always seems like it is a couple people that ruin things for everyone. Monday night our newest pool got vandalized. What is going on here folks.

According to Thompson Park Pool:

Sadly, just 72 hours since opening to the public, our new facility was broken into, ransacked and vandalized last night. Staff worked hard to clean up this morning, so this should have a limited impact in todays days operations.

The pool had about $2,000 in damages. Stuff was stolen including a computer system. Luckily the do have cameras and will be looking over the footage. But hey you did leave your shoes behind. They did save those for you at the concession stand. They would love to hear from you. Really. Just head on in and say you left your blue Airforce 1's with blue laces. I'm sure they will hand those right over.

I just think this is horrible for our community. What does this really say about the people who just want to try to ruin stuff for us? Luckily they didn't have to shut down at all. Let's work better and find the people responsible for trying to destroy Thompson Park Pool on a Monday night.

If you have any information on this call the Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-3038.

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