It's April Fools Day!! Time to get your 'prank on.'

Nothing's more fun than pranking your kiddo. Below are 5 fun and harmless pranks that will get your kid every-time. If these are to your liking, then check out the video above. You will think twice about eating a batch of Oreos after watching this.

5. Put a sign on the back of your car to have people honk, wave and say hi to your kid, because he/she will have no clue why all these people are honking, waving and yelling at him/her.

4. Freeze your kids cereal in the morning. Watch as he/she tries to get there spoon through the frozen milk.

3. Attach a party popper to one of there doors. Sit back and wait for the 'bang.'

2. Cover your TV remote with a piece of Scotch tape. The tape will mess with the sensor so it doesn't work and you don't have to watch Spongebob.

1. Tape the handle of the sink 'hand sprayer' down and aim in the direction of you kid then tell them to 'rinse your bowl out.' They will pay no attention to the handle, so they won't even see it coming.


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