So I mentioned earlier how my daughter got her drivers license stolen along with her wallet and credit cards. The good thing that came of it was this life hack.

I went online to the DPS and requested her a replacement drivers license.

I think it only cost $11. When I got her license in the mail not only did it change from saying "Under 21" and being flipped is now a regular horizontal license. It also included the gold star it needed to make it Real ID compliant. Oh my goodness how excited I was. I know she wasn't looking forward to having to go to the DMV over Christmas.

So I wanted to test it out for myself. I had a license that did not have the gold star on it...therefore I would need to get one before October of 2020 for travel (or remember to always travel with my passport). So I went online once again to the DPS  and requested a replacement ID. I paid my $11 and then waited.

Yesterday my new replacement license came in the mail. Guess what? It had the gold star on it as well. So this hack works! I couldn't be more excited! I saved myself some time. So from now on my license will be ready for travel.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I didn't have to go stand in line. You do not know how happy this made me feel. So the only thing I can gather is as long as your license is not expired....and as long as you have no troubles that would keep you from getting your Real ID. I feel this renewal online trick will work for you as well. You're welcome!

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