806 Health Tip: Tips For Flying This Thanksgiving
So if you haven't flown and you plan on doing so for Thanksgiving here are some things to expect and ways to keep yourself healthy and safe. First of all wearing a mask is a must. The only time you get to take it off is when they are checking your ID....or if you are taking a drink or eating fo…
Getting to Use My TSA Precheck to Leave Amarillo
I took a few days to visit my daughter in the Dallas area. This is the first trip I got to take since I obtained my TSA Precheck status. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I didn’t feel having it leaving Amarillo was as important as heading back from Dallas last Wednesday.
TSA Recommends Traveling with Unwrapped Presents
I understand that as an American choosing to fly you have to follow certain rules.  You have to have to send your bags through x-ray, you have to take off your shoes, you cannot travel with tweezers or clippers in your carry-on and forget a full bottle of shampoo or toothpaste.  You pretty much give…