So if you haven't flown and you plan on doing so for Thanksgiving here are some things to expect and ways to keep yourself healthy and safe. First of all wearing a mask is a must. The only time you get to take it off is when they are checking your ID....or if you are taking a drink or eating food. Otherwise keep it on.

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As you head to Rick Husband International Airport for an upcoming flight make sure, just like everywhere else, you stay six feet apart. This includes when you are waiting in line to board the plane. Make sure you keep socially distanced. It may make the lines seem like they are extra long especially when you are arriving to check your baggage or to get through security. Remember they are not as long as they seem. Everyone is just properly social distancing.

You know the rule about liquids on a plane. Correct? Nothing over three ounces. Well that is not true when it comes to hand sanitizer. They have laxed the rule on that. You can bring a 12 ounce bottle on with you. Oh and plan to use it. You can also bring disinfectant wipes as a carry on as well. So definitely plan to bring both with you.

One of the nice things about being on a plane right now is that middle seat being left open. The flights I have been on have been exactly like that. You do feel safer with a little extra space between you and the next person.

So if you are flying this year you can still stay safe. Just follow the guidelines. This is true at Thanksgiving time and any change you have to fly. Wear your mask, have your hand sanitizer and get to where you are going.

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