Every year the Amarillo Zoo organizes a community clean up of the area around the Thompson Park Lake.  They are needing volunteers to help with the clean up.


The Amarillo Zoo Thompson Park Clean Up

Saturday, April 12
Meet at the Amarillo Zoo

Sometime it does the soul good to help out with a service project.  Maybe you can use this as a way to help teach your kids about volunteering.

If you are interested in helping out here's the details.

Make sure you wear the appropriate clothes and shoes for working outdoors.
Bring a pair of work gloves
Show up at the Amarillo Zoo on Saturday, April 12th at 9am

You will be asked to fill out a volunteer service agreement.

If you are interested in helping out and want to let them know you are coming in advance (maybe you have a group you want to bring) or you need information call the Amarillo Zoo at 381-7911.  Visit amarillozoo.org for all things Zoo.

All volunteers will get to take part and enjoy a Hot Dog BBQ after the clean up.