Well, this is one way to ensure no one bothers you with their cell phone at the movies.

The Hollywood Reporter brings us news of a bizarre and unusual movie screening about to unfold at the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden. The science-fiction film Aniara will be shown to audiences inside sealed coffins...

The "sarcophagus screening" — during which eight volunteers at a time will be shut into specially made caskets outfitted with screens, speakers and air vents — is designed to enhance the bleak themes of the movie's late-era capitalism dystopian setting, according to the festival's director, Jonas Holmberg.

Glad they didn’t forget the air vents!

The movie (which THR said was “ambitious” with “a provocative premise” with “uninteresting” characters characters lacking a “coherent intellectual vantage point” in a separate review) is about a spaceship headed to Mars that gets knocked off course and then winds up wandering through space aimlessly. It’s all meant as one big metaphor for our own wasteful, aimless existences. So the coffins, Holmberg told THR, are a way “to take the experience of the film, and the apocalypse, further.”

Would I watch a movie in a coffin? You bet I would! It sounds very peaceful and focusing. Just imagine watching Buried this way. That would be amazing. Bring this experience to America!

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