I knew my days were numbered. I was living on borrowed time. I even talked about this on the radio which means I jinxed myself.

Yes, I am talking about Jury Duty! I always dreaded seeing that envelope in my mailbox from Carolyn Woodburn, Potter County District Clerk. That meant yep I was being summonsed.

Now don't get me wrong. I am one of those that actually like jury duty. I even made sure I talked myself onto a jury once. It was a murder trial here in Amarillo. I wanted to sit in on that one!

It's just the dread of knowing how many times I get that in my mailbox. At least twice a year. Potter County ALWAYS gets called.

I even signed up for Informed Delivery through the United States Post Office. That service sends me an email to let me know what mail will be in my mailbox soon. So I just received a notification that showed THIS piece of mail.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Yes, that is the familiar envelope from Potter County's Jury Duty. It was also my first notice that we had a new District Clerk, Carley Snider. Maybe I should have already known this......but I did not.

Now here is how often I am on Jury Duty. I have been on about 3 juries. Two of them they voted me Foreman....and one I was an alternate. Pretty much any time that I make it back past the jury pool room.....I make it on the jury. It is just how it goes.

I really like the process. Even one time when I was the Foreman I swayed the decision of a few people who did not see the case the way that the rest of us did. So it is really an interesting process. I do enjoy it IF it is an interesting case.

I have been on a jury where the defendant was a felon who was found with a gun. Also a drunk driving case and the murder trial. I love interesting cases. So here is to another great trial in my future. Maybe.

So here I am! Jury Duty  may or may not be coming up for me on February 5th. I will, of course, know the evening before at 5 pm.


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