I always joke that Potter County calls me at least twice a year for Jury Duty. I really don't mind going. I promise Potter County. Please don't put me on some secret list. Heck many times when I show up I make it on the jury. Most the time I am actually chosen as foreman. I guess it is my quiet demeanor.

It's been kind of nice the past year knowing that I wouldn't find a summons in my mailbox. While I was in Dallas the past weekend I checked my email. I have that Informed Delivery service from the USPS so I can see in my email account what I should be getting in the mail.

So it turns out that I got something from Potter County. It was not the usual enveloped jury summons. So I just had to wait until I got home to see what was waiting for me. There it was.

An official Juror Pre Qualification card. I have ten days to respond I have an official Juror ID No. All this card says is that I have been selected as a potential juror. Now they just want to check my eligibility. Well heck I already know I am eligible. I have been serving for years.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The cases can be interesting. There was one that I tried hard to get on. It was a murder trial. Yes, being a fan of Investigation Discovery channel I wanted to see the ins and outs of a murder trial. I did make it on that jury as an alternate. Only after telling the judge that he could ensure I wouldn't talk about the trial on the radio if he put me on the jury. I mean I am on the radio and he reminded me I couldn't mention it. So I thought that might be a great way to maneuver myself on that jury. It worked.

So we shall see I just filled out the pre qualification. It was the same questions you usually fill out when you get a summons. It did say that if I qualify I would be receiving a summons soon. So I will just wait. I know it will happen.

Have you received this pre qualification post card yet from Potter County?

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