Some of us were lucky enough to get yesterday off. We got a 3-Day weekend! Were you one of the lucky ones?

If so you are among the 45% of businesses who did give their employees the day off. So you should rejoice. Oh and as you head back to work today there are some things you should focus on.

You need to get to work early today. This way you get to start the day off when it is quiet. You will get to enjoy that great and precious time before everyone else starts showing up. You will then have plenty of time to play a little catch-up. You will also have time to check on the stuff you may have missed because you were in a hurry to get out the door on Friday.

You should spend today getting organized. You may have had yesterday off but other's may not your email could be overflowing. Take the time to answer the ones that are time-sensitive first. You don't want to be wasting your time on non-priority stuff.

Make sure you take time to double-check your schedule and your to-do list. You have a shorter week ahead of you. So find the things you have to get done before the weekend. Also decide what stuff can wait until next week.

Don't waste too much time re-living your weekend with your co-workers. Hopefully you didn't spend a moment away thinking about work so now you are focused and ready to get work done.

If you are the boss. You might want to schedule a meeting. If you are an employee you will probably dread this time waster. Monday's are one of the most popular times for meetings. You missed that yesterday. Just don't do it too early because your employees need time to settle in. If you HAVE to schedule a meeting the best time for one is 2:30 pm on a Tuesday. So there is still time!

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