We didn't think we would find out which Amarillo High School parent, put enough pressure on their Volleyball coach, that she resigned, and now we have.

One of the big questions, since Amarillo High's Kori Clements shocking resignation last week, was, who was the parent that pushed out? A parent, allegedly familiar to former AHS Volleyball Coach Jan Barker.

It turns out, the parent was not just pushy about her daughter's playing time, but she holds a spot on the Amarillo Independent School District Board of Trustees. Fingers are pointed directly at Renee McCown. Look for this sordid bit of business to blow up big,

I'm the son of my school's Superintendent, Yep, my dad ran the school and a small school at that. Everyone knew everybody and there weren't many secrets. I'm sure it would have been awesome, to have someone important lobby for my efforts at school but that was not the case.

Anytime I got to do something "special" like taking the class roll down to the office, or I aced a test, it was because my dad was superintendent. Both of my parents were sensitive to any talk, that I was allowed to do things the other students couldn't. So, the pendulum swung the other way for me.

My science teacher in High School, would shake his head and confront me in front of the rest of the class if I blew a test or came unprepared. Some students didn't trust me, because they thought I'd tell my dad about anything nefarious. Every other student in school was sent to the principle's office when they screwed up, but not me. I was always sent directly to my dad's office. I think I still hold the record of the number of swats given, within a 12 year period at one school.

The fun didn't stop there; when I got home, my dad had a partner in my mom, and we'd go through it all again. They never lobbied for more playing time in sports. They didn't insist that I got the lead in the One Act Play. They did insist that I work harder, study longer, and set an example for the other students. There is a higher standard, fair or not, for preacher and teacher kids.

I don't know Ms.McCown, but if she did threaten someone, in order to get her daughter more playing time, she wasn't doing her any favors. Not in the long run. I was like any other teen, during my time as I thought my parents came with the house. Like the furniture. I was a "Teen Age Pain In The Ass."I was also self-sufficient.

As I grew up, had kids of my own, I realized that my parents were geniuses. They weren't going to run interference for me, for the rest of my life. They didn't call my college professors if I blew a test or flunked a class. They didn't call my boss at the radio station and suggest I should be off All Nights, and on the morning show. They taught me to live my life.

I heard my dad talking to my mom about his school board several times. Not once, did I hear anything about one of their kid's needing more playing time. The board members would have been embarrassed to ask my dad, something like that. I heard about how long, hair was getting and how skirts were getting shorter.

Amarillo High Volleyball is a mess. Now that Coach Clements is leaving, who will take that job, if board members are allowed to threaten them? What is the mindset of the administrator that passed on the threat?

The Sandies have a long impressive sports history. I didn't grow up here, but I've heard all about it. Jan Barker built an amazing foundation for AHS to be as competitive in volleyball, as they are on the gridiron.

How does this nightmare end? Ms. McCown should embark on an apology tour immediately. Or resign from the board. The longer this goes on, the uglier it's going to get. Take it from a superintendent's kid, nobody wins these things. The school, the child, and the reputation of all, will take a beating and that's not in anyone's best interest.


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