We all know that some activities that we could be doing right now cause us a bigger risk of spreading the virus. That is why a lot of things have been cancelled or closed. Of course any social gathering of a lot of people increases your risk of spreading and catching the virus yourself.

That is why most activities have been cancelled. That is why 4th of July Celebrations in Canyon and Amarillo didn't happen this year. That is why High Noon on the Square fell a victim. Anything that brings a lot of us together, like sporting events too took the hit.

So what are some things that are encouraged to do to keep you happy and healthy? Obviously first on that list is to stay home as much as you can. Of course that doesn't sound like too much fun. There are other activities that are low risk to getting sick and giving you something to do.

You can get active. Get out and do some walking. Step it up a bit and maybe head to one of the local high school tracks and do some running. They all have a nice track for you to run. I have seen many friends checking in doing their daily run at Amarillo High or Tascosa. You can even grab your bike and head out to a nice neighborhood or park, such as Medi Park.

You don't have to be alone in these activities. Call up a few friends and have a picnic. Obviously keeping that social distance is doable. Just make sure your blankets or chairs are all at least 6 feet apart.

If you need other ideas and still want some exercise you can always try some sports. Grab your racket and a friend and play a game or two of tennis. It is outdoors and you are definitely keeping your distance. The same goes for a game of golf. It's easy to stay the required distance from the next player.

So while this summer is not all you have wanted it to be. There are still plenty of things that can be done. Have you found any other activities to do with friends that doesn't up your chances of getting sick? Comment below.

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