While we all await the grand opening of the Thompson Park Aquatic Center, here's a quick list of water parks within driving distance (not six hours) of Amarillo that you can cool off at with the kids this summer.

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Pampa H2O Aquatic Center

Pampa isn't that far away, and if you make the trip you can take in their aquatic center. Slides, pools, "the bucket," all offer plenty of fun for the family. They're open seven days a week. Click here for info.

Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park

Clinton, OK is home to more than just a casino. There's also the indoor water park that's adjacent to a hotel. They do have a big lazy river and a variety of slides. Click here for info.

Honestly though, if you've made it this far east you might as well go one more hour in the car.

Hurricane Harbor OKC

For me, this will always be White Water Bay. As a teen I spent my fair share of time hanging out at White Water Bay, now Hurricane Harbor OKC. It's a pretty big water park with everything you would expect. Massive slides. Wave pools. Areas for the little kids. It's one of my favorite OKC attractions.

Lubbock Water Rampage

I have to admit, I haven't been to this one. My wife has brought it up a few times. It sounds and looks like it would be perfect if you have small kids that wouldn't be able to get the most out of some of the bigger water parks. Here's a link for info.

Castaway Cove

If you can think of a reason to actually be in Wichita Falls, then you might as well visit Castaway Cove. In all honesty, this isn't a bad water park. There's several attractions, and something even for the little ones. Check out this link.

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