The excitement that poured in when that news first rolled in was unlike anything I've seen in Amarillo.

Those words, "Buc-ee's is coming to Amarillo" palpitated across the city and people just couldn't stop talking about how excited they were.

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Better pump the brakes.

The plan was to build the Buc-ee's on the corner of I-40 and Airport Blvd, a perfect spot for it with expansive land. Now, that land remains unpurchased by Buc-ee's, and there's a huge question mark as to whether or not it'll ever happen.

It's not that they don't want to build in Amarillo, they do. There's a bit of a hold-up with the land...more like an argument, and these always drag out and only so often play out the way we want them to.

The issue here is that there is a land dispute among the owners of the property, and a dispute typically gets uglier before it gets prettier.

The dispute lies with the owner of the land adjacent to where Buc-ee's is wanting to build. That land is currently owned by "SpeedCo". While that name may not sound familiar, the name Love's should be very familiar.

SpeedCo is who owns the Love's brand and they purchased the land adjacent to where Buc-ee's is supposed to land back in 2017.

If you know what Love's is, you can see where the issue lies clear as day. They provide similar services. Now, Buc-ee's is definitely different in many ways from Love's, and Buc-ee's doesn't allow big rigs and semi's to fill up at their stations. So there SHOULD be enough of a difference there to where they can make it work.

For now, we wait with bated breath to see if the dispute can be resolved and Buc-ee's is given the green light to purchase the land and start building. I'm holding out hope.

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