Let's play a guessing game--the Amarillo way.

It's no secret that there's a lot of development projects happening around town. I mean, TXDOT has held I-40 hostage for months now. There's all sorts of new chain restaurants popping up. And let's not forget the housing tracts with theme names (*cough* The Beatles *cough*)

It's all great news for our local economy and all, but after a while it all starts to bleed together, doesn't it? Yeah, you get what I mean.

But as many new places are popping up, I'm especially curious about what's going next to the Toot n' Totum that's at the Hollywood & Coulter St. intersection.

But also because I'm a little bored, lets think about this in terms of Wrong Answers only.

What's Going Next to the Toot n' Totum on Hollywood & Coulter?

Grocery Store Showdown

  • Picture it: Braums, HEB, and Market Street United. All on that same corner. The mayhem!

Hoot Toot n' Totum-ception

  • What if we had yet another Toot n' Totum built next to the Toot n' Totum and then inside--another Toot n' Totum? They'll never see it coming!
  • But stick a Hooter's in there somehow. It's a good idea, I promise.

Totally Not A Braums

  • I don't care who you heard it from, I don't care. It's not a Braums.
  • I repeat. Not a Braum's

Another Crack at Quick Quack

  • Amarillo doesn't have enough car washes
  • Or oil & lube shops
  • I think we might be on to something....

The Return of Cassidy's

  • I've heard many a dude sadly say that it hasn't been the same since Cassidy's closed down.

Convenience Store Showdown

  • What if we end up having two Toot n' Totums?
  • How can we have two Toot n' Totums as rivals? Stranger things have happened
  • If there's one Circle K opening, then you know there's another one not too far behind....Could be a Circle K
  • But in the end, it doesn't even matter. All stores eventually accept Pak-a-Sak into their lives. So perhaps Pak-a-Sak

The Right Answer

Fine. Maybe I lied. It's definitely a Braums that will be built next to the Toot n' Totum at Hollywood & Coulter.

I stopped at the store next door and saw this taped up....I suppose they got sick of people asking.


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