Recently searching for Amarillo on YouTube, I was shocked at the sheer number of videos! Amarillo has an amazing presence on the Internet's favorite video sharing platform.

Sure, there are videos of fights and car clubs. I found several clips from local news agencies. But if you keep scrolling, you find the "buried treasure."

What follows are videos that peaked my interest, especially when considering how they represent and help tell the story of Amarillo, as obscure as they may be.


  • 1

    A Grim Look at the Apocalyptic Future of Amarillo

    At one time there was a podcast/radio drama revolving around a "post-apocalyptic" Amarillo. There are even references to Oklahoma, which being an Okie I feel obligated to appreciate. This episode covers the trials and tribulations of parenting after "the bomb" has fallen.

  • 2

    True Beauty Is On the Inside. The Outside Let's You Know If They're a Psychopathic Liar.

    Apparently I missed the 2017 gathering of face readers in Amarillo. Lucky for me, the ENTIRE presentation is on YouTube so I don't have to navigate personal relationships so blindly anymore. I knew that sharp chinned Beatrice in HR was a no-good-nick!

  • 3

    Amarillo Animal Control Needs To Do Something About The Pokemon

    Apparently there is a full blown invasion of Amarillo being perpetrated by the nefarious likes of Pikachu and his many minions! Someone call Ash quick! He needs to catch them all!

  • 4

    Websites in Amarillo Are Designed By Muppets. No, Really.

    From this commercial we can gain two tidbits of knowledge. One, you need a pro to build your website. Two, that pro may be the unholy love child of a Muppet and Principal Skinner from The Simpsons.

  • 5

    I'm Not Saying It Was Aliens, But I'm Not Saying It Wasn't Either

    In the most low key and undecided UFO sighting of all time, we find out that the thing glowing in the sky is probably just a weather balloon...or fragment...or satellite...or something "else." Also, you should always be sure to bring an extension cord and a stand.

  • 6

    Your Mother-In-Law May Drive You Insane, But We Love Her In Amarillo

    It's true. Amarillo loves your Mother-in-law, and we have the video to prove it. This clip of antiquity comes to us from 1934. This silent film highlights a holiday born right here in "The Yellow Rose." Happy Mother-In-Law day to all of the Mothers-In-Law out there. You drive us crazy, but we love you all the same.

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