Father's Day is fast approaching and we believe Dad deserves just as much man-pampering on his special day as Mom does on Mother's Day.

Dad has to remain a kid for as long as possible to keep you entertained. He has to be the stern figure when he’s really holding back laughter or thinking about how he did much worse things as a kid. Dad has to fix everything—bikes, toys, wounds, even broken hearts. And Dad has to act all manly when, truly, he has a big ol’ soft spot in his heart for his brood of pups.

We say it’s time to spend Father’s Day helping Dad be the man you always looked up to. This day is more than macaroni cards and boxes of ties. This day is more than letting Dad watch old John Wayne movies or random sports on TV instead of mowing the lawn. This is a day to play with Dad and show him how much you love spending time with him. Here are five manly things you can do with your dad so he has the best Father’s Day ever:

Build Something

If your dad is handy around the house, this could be an easy task. But if you and your dad aren’t used to building things, this could be more of a challenge. Either way, it’s a great way to spend time with your pops and then have something to show for it afterward. You don’t have to build something big or complicated; it can be a simple kit for a birdhouse that you pick up at the hardware store. Or spend some time looking online for plans and give him a choice of things to build with you. The key is for it to be something fun to do together that you can complete in one day. Then, sit back and enjoy.


Hunting and gathering is in the very core of a man’s nature. Spending a quiet day fishing with your dad is a great way to let him relax for Father’s Day. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment, although you will need fishing poles, lures and bait. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money, and these are things your dad can use again in the future. Dads like gifts they can use to spend quality time with you even when it’s not Father’s Day. Keep in mind that other people will probably be out fishing with their dads, too. Do a little research and find an out-of-the-way spot where you can fish with some privacy. Also check out what your state's fishing-license requirements are. You don’t want to stick Dad with a fine on his special day.

Manly Man Tours

Museums and historical tours aren’t just for dates and fancy society people. There are plenty of manly tours you can take your father on to give you both some good bonding time and maybe even learn something while you’re at it. If you’re in the South, find an old fort in your vicinity to tour. There are tons of Civil War forts and battlegrounds full of history. In the Midwest you’re never too far from a train museum, and lots of dads love that kind of stuff. If trains aren’t his thing, maybe cars are. Find a car museum (or antique car show) nearby. If you live somewhere with a rich and storied past, we’re betting someone has ghost tours. This kind of thing is good fun, and probably right up Dad’s alley. Dads love to tell ghost stories. The possibilities are endless if you open up your mind just a little bit.

Go Golfing

It’s traditional to give Dad the day off on Father’s Day and let him hit the links, but we think this is the perfect day for you to join him, even if you don’t golf. Dads love to teach. It’s their job to coach you in sports. Hit the driving range with Dad. Go with him to the course and have him show you how to drive the cart and use a sand wedge. Don’t forget that a lot of dads will be out that day, so you need to reserve your tee time early or find somewhere you can walk in. Check with other dads you know and see if they have room to add a golfer or two to their party. If you can’t get on a course, make a course at home. Letting Dad teach you to putt is a great Father’s Day activity no matter where you are. Then, after your lesson, hit the closest miniature golf course to put it all into practice.

Video Game Tournament

Because it’s Dad’s job to be your giant playmate, video games might be just the thing to entertain him on Father’s Day. Instead of blowing your cash on another novelty necktie, plan out a tournament schedule for the whole family, complete with prizes for the winners (and all participants). If you don’t have a gaming system at home, take your dad to an arcade and use that tie money on some good, old-fashioned competition. The best part is, you know Dad always lets you win anyway, so you’re going to come out on top and he's going to have a day he can remember.

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