One of the toughest parts of traveling can be finding a place to stay that's affordable. Let's say you have an entire day and night full of activities and don't want to blow one hundred bucks on a room you won't use.

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Here's what you can get for under $30 when it comes to Airbnbs in Amarillo.


Duplex Living

The spaces look nice, but you are trading away some privacy by choosing the cheapest options out there. While your room is private, in most of these you share at least the living room and kitchen.

Like at Travelers Paradise.

You could also potentially be sharing a bathroom.

One Night Only May Not Be An Option

When it comes to these cheaper options, it may be tough to find one that only books for one night. While most do, there are the occasions where these Airbnbs are set up for traveling professionals who need a place to crash for a few weeks.

For instance, the 1-Bedroom With Bathroom That Feels Like Home.


Overall, It May Not Be A Bad Option

Again, if you're not planning on spending a lot of time in your room these options are pretty appealing based on price point alone. However, if you enjoy your privacy you might want to think about shelling out some extra dough for the privilege of having some guaranteed peace and quiet.

Check out the gallery below to see what Airbnbs under $30 look like in Amarillo.

What You Can Expect From A Thirty Dollar AirBNB In Amarillo Texas

Wondering what the cheapest Airbnbs in Amarillo look like? You might be surprised how nice they can actually be.

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Located outside of Canyon, Texas, this 111-year-old boxcar has gained a new life as an Airbnb and it's adorable. The countless rave reviews left by previous guests also serve to add a little shine on this listing.

All board!

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