We tend to go out to eat a lot here in Amarillo. You can drive up I-40 and see full parking lots at every restaurant. That is a great sign for our economy.

While you are out to eat do you ever think about germs? Probably not.....but maybe you should. Or maybe you shouldn't. Would the thought of how germy things could be cause you to cook more at home?

Probably not! I know! It wouldn't me either.

What if I were to tell you that it would be better for you to drink water from the restaurant's toilet than putting some seasoning on your food. I know that sounds gross right? Drinking from the toilet? Could that be right? I mean.....could it?

Yep, you read that right. According to a microbiologist, the filthiest thing in a restaurant is actually the pepper shaker on your table. It's covered in even more germs than the bathroom. Yuck you think.

Yes, it is gross but you have to remember that the bathrooms get cleaned.....the pepper shakers may be missed. That can be a problem because pepper is plant based so E. coli loves to grow on pepper shakers. So that makes those shakers dirtier than salt!

So as you are going out to eat. I would not say to stay away from the pepper. I mean it is healthier than putting tons of salt on everything. It wouldn't hurt, though, to keep wipes or antibacterial soap nearby. I mean....just in case! Or you know wash your hands a lot more. That is probably best for everyone!



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