Let's take a step into creepy stepford suburbia for a second.  There are people in the world who must have a matching gene.  They want everything to match including their family.  If you are afflicted by this gene, then this is for you.  There is a website called Pajamarama and on it you can buy matching Christmas pajamas for the entire family including the dog!

How would you like the whole family to go to bed on Christmas Eve and wake up on Christmas Morning all wearing the same pajamas.  You know you can be twinkies.

First let's go with the Let It Snow, Man! PJs.

The little girl with curls apparently is not happy with her parents choice of PJs and let's just caption the cat and dog, "Seriously Fido, I am going to scratch their eyes out, rrrrreeeeoooow"  "Whiskers, can't you see I'm so ashamed, ruff."


These are so far fetched that dad opted out on these pajamas

Red Dropseat PJs

I guess dad didn't want to pretend to live in the 1800's with their fancy underwear.


And now for my favorite the Hoodie-Footie

It looks like a track suit, feels like a track suit, but I hope you don't have to go to the bathroom in a hurry because it will take you longer to get out of it than it would to run a mile in it.  Oh and the best part...they are personalized.


If matching outfits is your thing then have at it.  These are only a few of the Christmas selections of matching PJs at Pajamarama.

It is the making of perfect Christmas Card clothes in a few clicks of the mouse!