Occasionally we get three-day weekends and they are the best! Right? We look so forward to them and our attitudes improve so much.

So I'm not sure how many bosses will actually go for something like this, but hey it's worth a shot! Right?

So the key to becoming a better, more productive, and happier is actually having Fridays off every single week. Though I would argue that having Monday's off would be better. What do you think?

There is an economist in England who says that studies show that we would all be better workers if we always had a three-day weekend.

It gives you a better work to life balance and really does help with your productivity.'

Basically you will get more done in 4 days than you do in five. The key though is you need to start spending that fifth day doing anything BUT working. So that means no laundry or housework of any kind either.

I could go for that! How about you?

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