A new survey by Cafe Don Pablo reveals that coffee drinkers are 13% more likely to be happier in the morning than non-coffee drinkers. (Shocker.) Read on for other interesting findings.  When you read these, you'll probably think "duh".

  • 77% of people drink coffee on a regular basis
  • 57% of people say coffee increases their productivity level at work
  • 20% of coffee drinkers are more likely to get into a fight with their partner if they haven't had their morning coffee
  • 43% of coffee drinkers say they are happy people

Top 5 male celebrities Americans want to have coffee with:

Barack Obama
Johnny Depp
Tom Hanks
George Clooney
Denzel Washington / Bruce Willis

Top 5 female celebrities Americans want to have coffee with:

Ellen DeGeneres
Sandra Bullock
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lawrence

So who has the best tasting coffee?  According to Consumer Reports Magazine, here are the top coffee brands:

  1. Heart Coffee Roasters (Stereo Blend)
  2. Blue Bottle (3 Africans)
  3. Allegro (Whole Foods) Organic Continental Blend Ground
  4. Intelligentsia House Blend
  5. Kickapoo (The Rooster Organic)

So kick back and have a cuppa!

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