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I don't know if my daughter will be able to head home like she did last year. She hasn't been working since COVID hit so it may not be a possibility this year. Maybe I will end up visiting her. It is all up in the air.

The only thing I can for sure count on is my FRIENDS being there for me. Over the weekend I found a really cool Advent Calendar that I just had to order. It is just in the pre-order stage but I went ahead and guaranteed to have this with me in December.

Could there be a better way to count down until Christmas? I would say no!

Check it out HERE. You can count down to that big day with your FRIENDS: Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. Oh and it has a lot of neat surprises on the way. Over 40 keepsakes and trinkets that will remind you why this is such a great show.

Credit Amazon Insight Editions
Credit Amazon Insight Editions

Oh, and it hasn't gone on sale yet. You can only pre-order.  The cool thing is that if you pre-order right now you will get it A LOT cheaper. Right now it is going for $18.23 if you wait it will go up to $29.99.

So the one thing I know for sure that I can look forward to this Christmas is to use my new FRIENDS Advent calendar to help me count down the days. I can't wait! It's like I am a kid again!

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