Wildfires burned through the Texas Panhandle yesterday and although most of those fires were contained a fire continues to burn in Lipscomb and Ochlitree counties.

UPDATE 1:15pm: The fire continues to burn and has now covered Lipscomb, Ochlitree, Roberts, Hemphill and Gray counties.  Over 300,000 acres have burned, including two homes.  One person has been confirmed dead because of the fire.

This fire started yesterday and as of this morning the wildfire continues to burn.  As of this morning the fire was only 5% contained.

The fire has spanned over 30 miles and has burned over 100,000 acres.

Here are just a few photos taken of the fires.

Firefighters continue to battle the blaze. We'll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

Please keep all the firefighters, first responders and residents in your thoughts and prayers.

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