We're all familiar with the 72oz steak. It's like a siren's call to YouTubers and beef enthusiasts. It has fallen, this time to Katina.

Katina's YouTube channel, Katina Eats Kilos, is full of Mukbangs and eating challenges.

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According to her YouTube channel, she's a 5'2 bodybuilder on a mission seeking out eating challenges and epic meals. If you're into food, and I mean really into food, check her channel out.

It made me think of Molly. Remember her? She's the one who just couldn't stop putting the 72oz steak in it's place.

I wonder if the rise of YouTube "food channels" has inspired an uptick in the number of people seeking out the legendary steak on I-40. It seems to be an easy way to get views.

I also wonder if they're going to have to up the ante on the 72oz steak meal. Maybe they could include a milk shake. Maybe toss in a piece of cake or brownie for dessert.

YouTube is covered in videos of people trying the challenge. The most famous is possibly Man V. Food from the Travel Channel. I can't tell you how many videos are on YouTube of someone trying the 72 oz steak challenge, and somewhere in their post they have "as seen on Man V. Food."

Even Katina gives a shout out to Man V. Food.

If you have some time to kill, and a strong stomach, check out the food side of YouTube. All I see when I watch these types of videos is this iconic scene from Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" with Mr. Creosote. May I interest you in a wafer thin mint?

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