If you've been sexually assaulted, you may feel confused and alone. You may not understand what happened to you, or what you can do about it. You may not know who you can tell.

SeekthenSpeak offers victims and survivors of sexual assault information answers questions and informs them of their options for reporting when they feel ready to talk.

The UPD  understands that victims/survivors of sexual assaults may not want to have a police officer show up and take a report, or that victims/survivors may have other issues to reporting. Seek Then Speak was created to provide solutions to these challenges and offer victims/survivors an additional option for gathering information and seeking support.

You'll find a multilingual platform that allows victims/survivors to engage in a gradual and supportive dialogue and can be accessed through the web, phone or mobile app. Through Seek Then Speak, victims/survivors can remain anonymous until they choose to make direct contact with the police department.

The programs also coordinates with Start by Believing, the campaign that prepares friends and family members to respond appropriately to a sexual assault disclosure, which WTAMU has been a part of since 2016.

If you need more information, please contact the WT Police Department at 806-651-2318. the Seek Than Speak app is free and available for both Apple and Android phones.

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