Actually, it's a Kim Kardashian look-alike.A website called The Daily Mail claims Kim Kardashian look-a-like Christine Ham makes $10,000 a year by dating men, who want to date someone, who looks like Kim. She is 26 and from Los Angeles. How much does it cost??  How about $200 per date. She meets men on the dating site Christine tells the paper: ''I love Kim K. I think she is a smart business woman and has expanded her name [and] brand beyond means. She's gorgeous, classy and has amazing taste. She definitely influences me to be the best version of possible. Most of these guys just want someone to hang out with and have a good meal and share stories - very platonic and easy going. There are absolutely no expectations and no hidden agenda.''

Guys...would you pay $200 to go out with someone  who looks like Kim Kardashian? What about you ladies, if you looked like a celebrity, would you charge men to go out with you?