Join the Amarillo SPCA as they make Christmas festive for you and your pets.  Our pets like to celebrate Christmas as well and that's why you can join them for Santa Paws.


Join the Amarillo SPCA at PetSmart December 10th-11th, 17th-18th from 12-4pm.

For just a $5 donation you can have your pets take a picture with Santa.

You will receive a 4x6 photo of your pet with Santa.

Not only do you get a great keepsake, you are helping out our local SPCA.

Plus don't forget that if you are looking for a new pet, then you can visit the Amarillo SPCA to find your new friend.  That or join them for their pet adoptions at Pet Smart.

The Amarillo SPCA is a local non-profit organization that serves the Amarillo area. The Amarillo SPCA is not associated with the national SPCA and do not receive financial backing from this organization. Our local Amarillo SPCA is supported by local sponsors and donations to keep the shelter up and running.