This year a collective $1 billion was spent on Valentine's Candy.  One Billion Dollars!  That is so much money, spent on candy.  However, with that said, today is the day to save a ton of money on that Valentine's Day candy.  It's half off now.

Here's the best places to find leftover Valentine's Day Candy.


Walgreens is my favorite place to bargain shop after any major holiday.  They always have a big section of leftover decorations and candy.   Tomorrow expect it to be 50% off, but in 3 weeks, you'll probably find it 90% off.


I would get there as early as possible, because Walmarts get cleaned out fast.  Let's face it, they have already cleared out the Valentine's Day and moved in the Easter, with a small section of St. Patrick's Day.


CVS is like Walgreens, they have great deals on all the leftover Valentine's Day Candy.

Dollar General

They usually put all their Valentine's Day clearance in a tiny section, but you'll find a great deal or two on those conversation hearts.  Sometimes, they even have those discounts  near the register.


I love to shop at Target.  I avoid going to Target because I always, always, always, spend way too much money when I step in the store.  However, today is the day to go for all that delicious leftover chocolate in the shape of hearts.

Where do you find the best Valentine's Day Candy deals?

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