UUGGGGHHH! Another year of keeping a promise to myself that'll I'll (statistically) give up on by February.

We all make New Year's resolutions, year after year. Telling ourselves "This is my year" and 30 days in you've pretty much just said "Screw it" It's too hard, I'm not seeing results, and I'm missing out on life.

But it doesn't have to be that way. The number one problem with New Year's resolutions is the goals set in place are too large and too overwhelming to obtain.

Here are a few tips to keep your New Year's Resolution alive.

  • 1

    Plan Your Goal, Not Goals, GOAL!

    Set yourself up for success, if you're going the fitness route set small monthly goals. If you're trying to be more social, start small. Create one obtainable goal to reach and reach it within weeks, then set another goal. Don't completely try to turn your life and lifesytle around in the first couple weeks.

  • 2

    Tell The Whole World

    Nothing says resolution like telling social media. So your friends can harrass you and remind you of your goal. Use your social media feedback as a way to fuel your goal. Let someone tell you no, and then prove them wrong.

  • 3

    Buddy System

    Find someone who is interested in setting the same resolution or goal, partner up and keep each other accountable. There are plently of social media support groups for "New Year. New Me" type deals join one and stay active in it. Don't give yourself excuses.

  • 4

    Track Yourself

    Journals, notes on your cellphone, tattoo it. Keep a diary of what you're accomplishing with your resolution. Just kidding on the tattoo part. I hope you don't get a tattoo that says "2018 -80 lbs"

    ...Now that I typed it, it's actually kind of cool! Haha.

  • 5

    Stick To It

    Everything is hard, life, work, relationships, if it was easy we would live in a perfect world. It's okay to fall down, but you have to keep getting up. Don't give up, Don't make excuses, just STICK TO IT.

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